My name is Zac, and I'm an independent creative.

A bit about what I can do

I'm a multi-disciplined creative who can get to work with little direction, a few of my skills are detailed below.


Adobe Illustrator is a favourite of mine. Logo design, icon creation, technical illustration and concept art are all within my skillset.


I can create stunning visuals that bring campaigns to life. From simple clean up to full conceptual composites, I'll make it work.

Video editing & animation

I can edit or create animations using either Adobe Premier or After Effects and edit footage and audio to create the desired look & feel for your project.


This is where I started, I'm a proven artworker with an eye for detail and the ability to produce fast, accurate artwork files for any application.

Good, you're still here, the best part is up next.

My portfolio

This is the part about me

I love to create cool stuff. I also like letting my kids draw funny pictures of me (like the ones below).

I have a proven track record as an artworker but in recent years I have sought more challenging roles to develop my skills and hone my talents in illustration, retouching and video. My career has so far has been split 70/30 between B2C and B2B agencies and has seen me work on accounts of varying sizes, including the likes of Harley-Davidson, Sunseeker Yachts, Hardys Wine, General Motors and Triumph Motorcycles.

Contact Me

I'd love to assist with any upcoming projects, so if you think I could help or if you require more information about myself or the services I can provide please get in touch.

07986 509 914
Postal address: 36 Four Acres, Quinton, Birmingham B32 1RZ